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Name:Josiah "Joe" Gordon
Birthdate:Aug 17
Josiah Gordon, who only answers to "Joe," was born the son of a nurse and the "businessman" that she fell in love with. While his father was always spewing big dreams and big ideas about how he was going to make money and make life better for the family, he never followed through with anything. Except, unfortunately, with leaving the family behind when Joe was still very young. For a couple of years, Joe lived life with his mother and his nana, until his father came waltzing right back in when his latest business venture was a failure, and talked his way right back into the family's life.

After only a few months of having him back home, Joe's mom became pregnant again, and Joe would soon have a younger sister named Aimee. But once again, their father ducked out on the family, leaving Joe's mother alone with two young children and a very disapproving mother to help her raise them.

Joe grew up hardly knowing his father. The guy made an appearance from time to time, but usually just long enough to get the family's hopes up that he might stay before he disappeared again. From a young age, Joe became extremely protective of Aimee, and looked after her like it was his job. He was a trouble maker in school, constantly getting into fights, making shit grades, and establishing himself very much as the school badass. He did a couple short stints in juvie for stupid childish shit. But when he was in school, he played sports. Football especially, but a few others as well, and more or less fucked his way through the whole cheerleading team before graduation...

The graduation that very nearly didn't happen. Joe's grades were slipping more and more, and by the end of his final school year, he was absolutely certain that he wasn't going to graduate, and would have to drop out or retake the year. It was his football coach, together with a few of his teammates, who would put in the hard yards with him to help him pass his finals so that he would be able to graduate in the end.

After graduation, for a couple of years, Joe sort of just floated around from job to job and chick to chick, but still kept very close with Aimee. He was extremely protective of her, probably to a fault, and still is to this day. But in the meantime, he really hadn't put any time or effort into figuring out his own life.

In his early twenties, Joe was living with his best friend, Lewis, and Lewis's girlfriend, Katie. Lewis was shipped overseas with the US Army to Afghanistan, and while he was away, something of a forbidden romance blossomed between Joe and Katie. A few months into Lewis's deployment, Katie found herself pregnant with Joe's baby, but unwilling to break Lewis's heart, she had an abortion, leaving Joe absolutely crushed. He'd always dreamed of being a dad and having a chance to prove that he wasn't just like his own father, an accusation he'd heard nearly every day since he was young. Angry and heartbroken, Joe left the house and moved to New York City and never looked back.

For all the pain and heartache his situation caused, it was definitely the wake-up call that Joe needed, and once he'd settled in New York, he decided it was time to go back to school, where he majored in criminal justice and minored in social work. He'd never thought college was on the cards for him, but as he got older and began to realize that he was never going anywhere living the way he was, Joe decided to use what he knew, which was living a tough childhood, to help other people. Once he graduated college, he took on a job with the New York Department of Juvenile Justice. He started from the bottom, as a night guard at juvie, but moved up, and now is a social worker with troubled kids who are stuck in the system. It's definitely a far cry from the pro-football career he expected and wanted as a kid, but he couldn't be happier with what he does, and the difference he's able to make in young lives.
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